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There has never been a better time to explore new wellbeing opportunities as we embrace the benefits of slowing down and putting our health first. Forest bathing is a wonderful way to recharge, connect with nature and regenerate our souls as the practice involves a series of guided methods to help us relax, become more present and connect with the natural world.

Forest bathing, put simply refers to taking in the forest through our senses, and our 2 hour introductory session is a great way to invite listening, healing, reflection and accepting into our environment in a low impact way. Learn how to find yourself in the company of trees or more succinctly master the practice of creating physical and psychological wellness through immersion in the natural environment. In 2022 we are also launching our 2 night, 3 Day Forest Bathing Retreats which will be on sale soon.

A wide range of scientific studies show that time spent in nature positively alters the biomarkers of stress and wellbeing. Our heart rates slow, blood pressure decreases, cortisol levels in the blood decline, sympathetic nervous system activity decreases and parasympathetic nervous system increase. In addition, the chemical compounds – phytoncides, released by trees positively impact our immune systems protecting us from illness and disease.

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In Germany, where it originated, it is known as “Waldtherapie”, in Japan it is called “Shinrin-yoku” (森林浴) or “Shinrin-ryōhō (森林療法)”, in Korea it is referred to as “Sanlimyok (산림욕)” and in China and Taiwan people call it “Sēnlín liáofǎ (森林療法)”. Here in Australia the practice is known as forest bathing, shinrin yoku, or forest or nature therapy.

We are delighted to welcome our collaborator Christie Little back to the Highlands to run our forest therapy workshops. She was the first internationally certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide in NSW and is also certified and experienced in mindfulness, biofeedback, positive neuroplasticity training, nutrition and permaculture. Working in partnership with a well-trained guide ensures that participants slow down. A hike in the woods is good for health but in a different way, the biomarkers of stress go up rather than down. A typical forest therapy walk may take 2 hours but covers less than 0.5km of trail.

Second, your guide ensures that you connect to the present moment through a range of sensory awareness activities. The senses are the gateway to joy and pleasure and too many of us have forgotten how to enjoy our lives. Thirdly, drawing on the ancient practice of mindfulness and meditation, guides create the space for participants to pause deeply. The busier we are the more deeply we need to pause.


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Forest Bathing Retreat, Forest Bathing 2 Hour Workshop


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