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Christie is the first internationally certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide in New South Wales, Australia. She offers nature connection wellbeing walks and retreats in both Australia and Europe. She has qualifications and over 10 years of experience in biofeedback for stress and energy management, nutrition and wellness coaching, as well as positive neuroplasticity mindfulness training. In addition she holds a First Class Honours degree in Economics and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management.
As the co-founder of the international wellness consultancy, Frontier Wellbeing, and former owner and managing director of The Performance Clinic, now owned by KPMG, she is passionate about creating and delivering integrative and holistic wellbeing offerings that have the power to positively transform individuals and communities. We are thrilled to collaborate with Christie for our business and leisure guests.
Christie has worked to build wellbeing, resilience and personal leadership in many global organisations including McKinsey and Co, Siemens, Lendlease, Boral, Accor Hotels, Roche, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Haworth and Citi Bank. She has also partnered with leading Australian organisations such as Westpac, MLC, Insurance Australia Group, QBE, Mirvac, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Minter Ellison, Gilbert and Tobin, Public Transport Victoria and Medibank.
Christie understands the importance that wellbeing offers to a successful business strategy. She develops and deliver corporate wellbeing programs that coordinate health and wellness needs with business gaols and outcomes. Her programs integrate the latest research in wellbeing and human function so you and your team can align your choices with your required outcomes.
Christie has been working as a corporate leadership development coach for over a decade and the most important lesson she can share with you, is that stress is worse for you than you think. Terms like mental toughness and bouncing back has made us believe that as long as we take a positive view of stress we can conquer it. The truth is somewhat different and no matter what language you use to describe it, too much time spent in a stressed state, characterised by the biomarkers of high heart rate, high blood pressure, high levels of cortisol, domination of the sympathetic nervous system over the parasympathetic nervous system, can and will lead to burn out. It may also lead to other chronic illnesses like cancer.
Wellness at work is paramount and leading companies today are making sure their teams have the skills to manage the demands of business life.