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Being in Nature is Essential for our Mind, Body and Soul

Even our imagination is sending a clear message as we scroll through pictures on social media, longing to travel.
Wandering in nature from the mountains to the bush and oceans makes us happy. And happiness is essential for our wellbeing.
Experience Nature Group places you in the natural world by crafting engaging experiences that connect you with nature.
Stop sitting on the side lines and step into the picture.

Explore our brands such as Highland Harvest Feasts, Wild Food Adventures, WILDfest and Wild Nature Expeditions
One Feast for Every Season
Wine Harvest Feast 
23 March 2019
Feast of the Beast
22 June 2019
Wild Harvest Feast
5 October 2019
Midsummer Gopsel Brunch
15 December 2019
WILD FOOD ADVENTURES offers a range of compelling and exclusively crafted tours to the Southern Highlands from Sydney and Canberra. More than just day trips, these are immersive, hand-ons and creative adventures connecting with people, place and produce.
Wildfest, Australia’s first Wild Nature Festival. From Sat 5 to Sun 20 Oct enjoy bush luxury or family glamping Pop Up’s, Wild Harvest Feast, Wilderness Cooking, Forest Bathing, Bush Medicine, Wildlife tours and more. Wildfest is as unpredictable, exciting and untamed as nature.
CORPORATE bespoke and tailored packages for the MICE market. Team building retreats, leisure getaways, day trips, events and small group travel customised for business goals. We offer authentic experiences and an incentive solution for small to medium business travel.

Wild Nature Expeditions

Be Part of Natures Great Wildlife Moments

Inspiration, Expert Tips and Adventures

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Life Before SMEG

Life Before SMEG

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Respecting Nature

All our events, travel, tours and expeditions adhere to our Environmental Code
Always leave the wilderness as you found it
Never use single use plastics (we supply fresh water, glass water bottles & glassware as appropriate)
Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse
Choose Biodegradable Products
Use Organic Body Products that do not impact the cycle of nature
(we have unscented, health department approved, body wash that allow us to recycle grey water during drought)
Always use local product from sustainable poultry, pork to vegetables, herbs, regional wines and craft beers
Support Native Wildlife Care Groups

Lets Work Together for a Cleaner, Greener Planet

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