Connect With Nature









Experience Nature Group is made up of several unique brands all with one common goal, to connect you with nature in unique and compelling ways.

Our Mission is to Reboot, Reconnect and Rejuvenate our guests.

We also know that Jacques Yves Cousteau was right when he said “People protect what they love”

We want you, like us, to work to protect the wild places in the world.

Time for a Digital Detox









Its no longer enough to offer a destination or host a dinner with an award winning chef. Our customers want more, expect more and crave more.

Its about offering authentic, real time, genuine adventures and we rise to that challenge. We believe that everyone wants a little magic in their lives and as humans we all crave connection, so we add in the whimsical in our own signature way.

We also create tailored packages for corporate groups, arrange and execute small group travel and offer retail and wholesale day trips options to the region for the travel industry.



How It All Began









Founder Amanda Fry is a force of nature in her own right with a veracious passion for conservation.  The Experience Nature Group is a game-changer for local tourism yet the vision for this mammoth undertaking was conceived from the most unremarkable of beginnings.
With a 20 year + career in high end celebrity and PR Management Amanda managed global campaigns for individuals and brands as diverse as Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian, MTV Awards, Lady Julia Morris, Priscilla Presley, Danny Bhoy, helloworld, Iva Davies ICEHOUSE, Layne Beachley and Jerry Seinfeld, to name a few.  One of her celebrity assignments saw her trekking in Vietnam to experience an encounter with the endangered Black Gibbons and this ignited Amanda’s heart for conservation so much so, that it became the driving force in her professional and life path.
That passion ultimately landed Amanda at a conference for Change Makers Rule Breakers with Richard Branson on Necker Island, along with a host of other entrepreneurs and trail-blazers.  Honouring her heart for The Wild, Branson arranged for Amanda to accompany his zoology team visiting another of his islands, dedicated to re-populating several endangered species of Lemur.   “It’s an indescribable feeling to trek into raw forest and be swarmed by these beautiful, playful creatures that come out of nowhere at the game keeper’s call.  Just a magical moment.  That feeling of absolute awe for the wonder of nature is what I want people to experience” 
Returning home with an overwhelming sense of the profound possibilities for a wilderness experience unique to Australia, Amanda unplugged from her fast-paced professional life path and made the permanent move to the NSW Southern Highlands. She started her business with a Australia’s first Wild Nature Festival, WILDfest quickly followed by a Day Tour brand, Wild Food Adventures, and a seasonal feasting series, Highland Harvest Feasts.
Each year the brands expand and grow to offer more and more to our nature loving customers.